COVID-19 news summary

20 May 2020
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COVID-19 news summary


In addition to our news letter (client information), you will find a continuously updated news overview of COVID-19 here. The messages are displayed in the original text of ČIANEWS..


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MPO: COVID III depends on ČMZRB’s agreement with banks

Wednesday 20 May |

(ČIA) The launch of the COVID III programme depends on the final discussion of terms of Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (ČMZRB)’s collaboration with private banks. This information was provided by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade (MPO), which added that entrepreneurs would be communicating with and submitting their applications to commercial banks. ČMZRB will provide guarantees for the loans. The bank’s guarantee for the loss coverage is limited to 30% of the total loan amount. As ČIANEWS reported earlier, CZK 150bn was allotted for the COVID III programme and ČMZRB would thus be able to provide guarantees to loans worth up to CZK 500bn.



Self-employed to receive CZK 500 nursing allowance until 30 June

Monday 4 May, 20:55 |

(ČIA) Self-employed persons who had to stop their business in connection with caring for a child or handicapped person after the closure of schools and other facilities will be able to receive nursing allowance until June 30, 2020. The decision was made by the government upon the proposal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. It also increased the daily amount to CZK 500 per calendar day. The increase will already apply to aid for April.



MF: Govt approves support for small company partners 

Monday 4 May, 17:33 |

(ČIA) The government approved a draft amendment to the Compensation Bonus Act prepared by the Ministry of Finance (MF). Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová (for ANO) stated that this is a continuation of the Pětadvacítka (Twenty-Five) program and that the aid is targeted at partners in small limited liability companies, damaged by the coronavirus. It will be a direct support paid in the form of a compensatory bonus in the amount of CZK 500/day for the period from March 12 until June 8, i.e. up to CZK 44,500. In total, up to CZK 15bn could be paid out.



Havlíček: State should pay half of rent to more companies

Monday 4 May, 7:54 |

(ČIA) According to Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček (for ANO), the partial payment of rent by the government should apply to all entrepreneurs who were affected by the coronavirus regulations and had to continue to pay rent, writes Lidové noviny. Karel Havlíček also stated that this also applies to entrepreneurs who operated online shops or sold goods through windows during the pandemic. On May 4, 2020, he wants to push for the state to pay half of the rent to the affected entrepreneurs for the period from March 12 to the end of June 2020. Another 30% should be paid by the landlord and 20% by the tenant.



Antivirus program will be extended until end of May 2020

Tuesday 28 April, 7:47 |

(ČIA) The government has decided to extend the Antivirus short-term work program with wage compensation contributions until the end of May 2020. Mladá fronta DNES writes that companies affected by the imposed restrictions on the spread of coronavirus can receive 80% compensation of wages of quarantined people or earnings of closed establishments, up to CZK 39,000. In case of failure of workers, raw materials or reduction of demand, the contribution equals 60% of the paid amount up to CZK 29,000.