Christmas Card 2020

December 2020
Stöger & Partner Newsletter

Dear clients!

A strange year is coming to an end. We were all confronted with issues we could never have imagined a year ago. Even the most cautious forecast calculations did not take into account the fact that some industries did not generate any sales for months.

I am positively surprised at how flexibly and creatively many of our clients reacted to this situation, for example by selling their goods on the streets, through e-shops, etc., thanks to which they achieved at least part of the sales.

Our profession was and is of course particularly in demand during these times. We have to familiarize ourselves with the new regulations, which are new almost every week, and we have to communicate these to our clients and implement them. And all of this under difficult conditions, home office, partial internet failures, impatient clients, etc. But we also received a lot of praise for our work and some clients have told us that they have only now realized how important our profession is for their company.

Therefore, this year I would like to thank our employees first, who worked with an incredible amount of commitment and dedication. The fact that everything went almost smoothly despite home office is thanks to the organizational talent of our office manager, Mrs. Daniela Pichler.

That there was also time for other things in despite of everything, shows the fact that there were two office babies and a wedding this year. Congratulations to Katrin Wurm and Astrid Ikonic on the birth of their daughters and to Melanie Hobiger on the wedding.

As every year, we gladly send you a brochure about  tax changes. Due to the current situation, please also pay attention to the supplementary sheet, which represents the latest status.

Finally, thank you all for your cooperation over the past year.

I wish you a Merry and Blessed Christmas, despite the difficult situation, a few quiet and peaceful days and we all hope that our living conditions will normalize in 2021.

With best wishes


Mag. Georg Stöger

and the entire Stöger & Partner team

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