The Czech Business World in 2019 (Austrian Business Circle)

What will the new year bring for Austrian companies in the Czech Republic? Which changes in the regulatory framework will affect business operations? What will be the major business trends? You will be provided with 3 different perspectives on what to expect for 2019!

  • Topic: 6 months GDPR – First Lessons Learned; Czech Taxes Review 2018, Outlook 2019; Czech Digital Trends & Big Data in 2019
  • Speaker: Ms. Karin Pomaizlová (TaylorWessing Czech Republic); Mr. Helmut Hetlinger (AUDITOR, spol. s r.o.); Mr. Pavel Špryňar (Deloitte Czech Republic)
  • Date: 20 November 2018
  • Place: Vienna House Diplomat in Prague | Evropska 15, 16041 Prague
  • Language: Englisch

Files for download