UHY Global Transfer Pricing Guide 2015

4 February 2015
UHY Publication

Global accountancy network UHY releases its 2015 Global Transfer Pricing Guide 2015 to assist tax and finance professionals responsible for cross-border tax planning and compliance with their enquiries.  Given the complexity of transfer pricing issues, the guide provides in the first instance a country-by-country summary of major transfer pricing requirements, including pricing methods, documentation and penalties covering 80 countries. 

UHY member firm transfer pricing specialists work together to deliver global solutions for clients that protect against the threats posed by transfer pricing legislation. Advising on prices for intra-group transactions, using proven economic databases to recommend prices which maximise legitimate tax savings whilst minimising the risk of successful challenges by national tax authorities.

Transfer pricing has taken on greater significance, not just in terms of complying with the rules in each country, but also as a planning tool in minimizing a multinational group’s global tax burden.  

The guide provides an overview of the governing statutes, how key concepts such as ‘arm’s length pricing’ are applied and the documentation required for the tax authorities. For more information regarding transfer pricing issues on specific countries and about UHY’s member firms’ tax expertise, please consult the contacts listed by country in the guide. 

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