Christmas Card 2021

December 2021
AUDITOR newsletter

Dear clients!

Last year's Christmas letter began with the words: "A strange year is coming to an end...." and we ended the letter with the wish that normality would return. Unfortunately, normality has still not returned, but gradually we have learned to deal with this extraordinary situation.

The economy in particular has adapted amazingly quickly to the changed conditions and, apart from a few sectors, there is actually no sign of a crisis. It is not the virus that is causing problems for the economy, but much more the lack of raw materials and workforce.

We are also struggling with the shortage of people and, especially in times of crisis, our consulting services and our many years of experience are more in demand than ever. In addition, the numerous applications for COVID support created a lot of challenges for our employees.

We learn from the past, and so we are confident that the economy will continue to have enough flexibility and creativity in the future to cope with upcoming challenges. Sound advice can of course help, and we will be happy to help.

Also this year we do not give Christmas presents, but instead have continuously supported non-profit organizations such as the Czech Green Cross, Act for Others, the Prague House of Literature and many others. Our main support, however, was for the tornado victims in South Moravia.

At the end of the year, we would like to thank our people for their efforts, in many cases also under challenging circumstances.

And of course we would also like to thank you, our clients, for the successful cooperation, which has often lasted for decades.

The 30th anniversary of the founding of AUDITOR was this year. Not the right time for big anniversary celebrations, however we certainly are a bit proud of our long market presence and the millions of pieces of advice we have been able to help our clients with.

We wish you all a merry and peaceful Christmas and for 2022 health and happiness personally and much success economically.

For the entire AUDITOR team


Marie Haasová                            Mag. Georg Stöger                               Mag. Helmut Hetlinger


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